Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tips for staying positive when facing unemployment

Back in 2002, the economy was in some ways, similar to today.  ... At least with respect to unemployment.  Many people were hitting the wall emotionally, having been unemployed for much longer than they ever thought they would be.  May of these were people who had previously always been highly sought after for their skills.

I wrote the article that I have linked to for TechRepublic, and got more positive responses to it than I did from any other article I wrote.  I remember getting an email from a former Computer Associates VP who had been hit hard emotionally by her job loss.  (I have desperately tried to remember her name, but it was several employers ago, and several home PCs ago. ... Somewhere along the way, I lost her contact info.)

If I were to write a similar article today, I think I'd still cover those four points, at least.  For anyone here who either was recently let go, or has been unemployed for a while and is struggling emotionally, I encourage you to take a few minutes to read it.