Friday, January 10, 2014

Harsh Career Tips: Confidence is Key, Availability is Not a Skill

Here's the beginning of an article by Richard Moran, and a link to the original article:

Encouragement is one of the main ingredients of career planning and the job hunt. I believe in the “You Can Do It!” attitude when it comes to finding that first job or a new one. If you don’t believe in yourself and how special you are, no one else will. You must believe you can add value to the organization, you must be confident, and you must convey that attitude in all career related situations. Never forget that. Ever.
But hope is not a strategy and believing in yourself only goes so far. If things aren’t going so well with your plan remember that time is not on your side. It may be time for a Plan B and to make that happen a dose of harsh reality may be what you need to put you back on the right track.